Thoughts and prayers for New Zealand’s misogynistic community…

While the world celebrates New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern & partner Clarke Gayford’s engagement news: please spare a thought for New Zealand’s misogynistic community. The coming months will be extretmely trying for them.

So long Malcolm …



Steven Joyce movies …

And the winner goes to MH Hope

The Leaders, Best Stunt Coordinator, Matthew Hooton #SteveJoyceMovies

Steven Joyce resigns from parliament after NBR run a Matthew Hooton column scathing of his tenure.

Please spare a thought for New Zealand’s misogynistic community…

nz baby news

While the world celebrates New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern & partner Clarke Gayford’s baby news: please spare a thought for New Zealand’s misogynistic community. The coming months will be extremely trying for them.

Mike Drop

TVNZ: Drop Mike Hosking from the 2017 Leaders Debates

drop the mike

Is the pot plant recording?

Bill Todd


When you’re deep in #covfefe memes but realize that the man responsible for the tweet also has the nuclear codes

Honesty: Property Speculators & Co – 1, English & Co – 0 

I took this screenshot on Thursday and immediately shared on Twitter where I do a lot of political commentry (@vlcnz) not as an attack of Newland Burling & Co but because it was a perfect snapshot of how the Accomodation Supplement changes in the budget would be seen by many in the property investment market. The post appeared on NB&Co’s Facebook page within hours of last Thursday’s announcement. 

AS is additional income support for people on the lowest incomes, available only to beneficiaries/pensioners and those in low income work. From memory it runs at approximately $2 billion annually. It does not pay a person’s full rental costs, but it provides a nominal amount per week, dependent on the area you live to assist with housing costs. Some believe it artificially keeps rents at the lower end of the market high as it masks the reality that beneficiaries and low income would not be paying rent at this level without it. 

So it comes as no surprise today to learn from RadioNZ’s Jane Patterson that the government’s own advice told them an increase in AS would see rent rises, despite the government denying this would happen. While the post from NB&Co was jarring, you can’t fault them for being honest, unlike our government. 

But you can vote them out in September…just saying. 


Yeah nah, see ya John

Lets see how long this comment lasts on @NZNationalParty farewell John post on their FB page #nzpol #hfee


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Surely this is a flounder like flip flop of flat fish proportions right?


So a few peeps have been asking me ‘how can they trust the Labour Party to not raise the retirement age when the party had voted to do just that in the past, even campaigned on it?’ Surely this is a flounder like flip flop of flat fish proportions right?

I won’t pretend I know exactly what’s going on, because I don’t, but I’ve had a quick look at some news articles from when they idea was first floated until now, so I’ll share this: from what I can tell Labour has held the position of raising the retirement age from since Phil Goff days, and mostly in response to the government suspending taxpayer contributions to the SuperFund (Cullen Fund). The SuperFund was designed to help address future universal super costs by annually funding a percentage of it future payments via investment in income producing assets.

However, when set up in 2003, and to serve its intended purpose, the fund required a commitment from future governments of comprehensive funding until 2020. The funding forecast ensured the fund had the necessary capital to make the required investments it would need to grow the fund to a state where it would be able to do the job it was tasked with. This is not happening and hasn’t been since 2009. To a lesser, but not insignificant degree, the government’s tinkering with Kiwisaver has already wiped money from people’s retirement accounts, meaning the numbers needing rather than merely opting to draw super in later years is likely to increase, ergo keeping overall costs high.

In light of the government’s seemingly willful blindness to the importance of funding the SuperFund, David Parker argued in 2014 for the Labour Party to retain Goff’s raising the retirement age plank as part of their retirement policy. Labour’s policy sought to signal to the country that in the complete absence of any other motivations to address future super costs under National, the age of entitlement would have to be the first cab off the rank for future governments desperate for solutions. Parker, like Goff believed if raising the retirement age was to become inevitable if National stayed in government, then it was important to signal to voters the date the age would have to start to moving up decades out, not years like what we saw in the 1990s when the age moved from 60 to 65 years over 10. Labour’s policy mirrored the Retirement Commissioner’s recommendation of reaching the increased retirement age in twenty years by 2033, thereby giving people an opportunity to consider alternative options, ie upskilling, increasing Kiwisaver contributions, private pension schemes, commercial investments.

Not contributing to the SuperFund from 2009 has cost New Zealanders up to $20 billion in contributions (ie capital to invest) and up to $50 billion in income producing assets. Meanwhile the government has drawn down $11 billion in dividends, leaving even less money for the fund to re-invest. SuperFund is a high performing asset, for context it is New Zealand’s biggest tax payer. In contrast, National want to increase the retirement age to save $4 billion in 2040.

Labour leader Andrew Little argued the maths vs the values of a fair society didn’t stack up and said as much during his leadership bid. He campaigned to keep the retirement age at 65 and democratically party members voted to back his call. A call that says, I believe in a future Labour government once again making retirement funding an immediate and pressing issue that needs addressing now – not in 2040 when Bill’s 85, and comfortably numb on his government paid MP pension.

“Within the space of two terms of office we have put an end to decades of turmoil during which New Zealanders struggled to prepare for retirement while politicians kicked superannuation around like a football.
We have now stabilised the long term funding of the basic state pension so that it will remain a secure bedrock for all New Zealanders. And this year we have introduced a savings scheme that will place an achievable programme of retirement savings within the grasp of every working New Zealander.
We are giving New Zealanders a tangible stake in their future, and ensuring that that future is a solid one.”
—– Michael Cullen, Labour Government, 2005

So here we are in 2017 suffering from successive right governments unwilling to do the necessary funding to support future super costs, now claiming, like that other ship that couldn’t be turned Margaret Thatcher, we have no alternative…

T.I.N.A my …..

* Please note: no flounder were harmed in the making of this opinion/comment *

Sexual abuse of boys will see New Zealand continue to raise angry young men

Today I met a young guy in Kaitaia whose life experiences replicate the story of this gang member, and which saw him go to prison and find an escape in “P”.

The sexual and physical abuse of boys is under-reported and misunderstood.

I support Ken Clearwater who in this video says there needs to be more research on the sexual abuse of males.

Failure to address the sexual abuse of boys will see New Zealand continue to raise angry young men who struggle to live to their potential and are often likely to end up in prison hurting many others along the way.

This just fuels the call of certain sectors of society to lock more people up. Building more prisons is not a pathway to economic, cultural or social success.

Sexual abuse is most likely to be perpetrated by someone a boy knows, loves and should be able to trust.

We need more men to speak out about sexual violence.

Kelvin Davis, Labour MP for Te Tai Tokerau

Rachel Glucina updates one of her pics to reflect life under a new Dear Leader …

Dear Leader Kim Jong Key Rachel Glucina

out with the old …


and in with the new …

It was only milk ffs…

only milk ffs

more from Lloyd Jordan

John Key will not return to parliament after the Christmas break

Picking John Key will not return to parliament after the Christmas break citing ongoing family reasons, triggering an earlier than expected general election next year. 

If what John Key says is true, he might not have much left in the tank, but politically he has left the National Party with plenty in theirs – for now. They will need to use it wisely or they could face running out of steam in the next twelve months and find that capital is not there when they need it most. Better to kick Key to the curb now when he can bow out with relatively not much fuss after Christmas, giving the new prime minister a a fair suck of the election sav’.

Dear Leader Kim Jong Key Rachel Glucina

A costly by-election can be avoided if a general election is held within 6 months of a minister resigning, and the writ (the notice of the election date) receives 75% support of the parliament. That could mean an election could be held in the first half of 2017.

If there really is a Santa in the House, they’d bring me this for Christmas.

Prime Minister John Key receives a science briefing…


Tweet of the Week 

“Don’t worry @johnkeypm, Kelvin Davis has a strong track record of helping out NZ citizens who are stuck in Australia against their will” – @lukeurmyson 

Check out @Lukeurmyson’s Tweet:

​All Kiwis want … updated for 2016

​All Kiwis want … 2016 update 

“…and a Prime Minister who didn’t lie to a government investigation in his twenties”

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Tweet of the Day

​”I’d advise anyone thinking of moving to New Zealand to bring their own House”

@carol_stirling #twotd #nzpol #housingcrisis

Dear Verity

Who cares if you are a slut, not a slut, want to be a slut, or couldn’t give a rats either way. You’re perpetuating the stupid demonising that has sought to control female sexuality for thousands of years by moralising and denying women autonomy over their own vaginas. If you think been a slut is a bad thing, an insult, then you are enabling the problem, not particpating in the solution, let alone challenging it *sigh*

Keywi integrity at it’s finest

​”What kind of message would it send to our youth if we decriminalised cannabis?”

Image credit, thanks to Rob Treacher @RobTreacher 

2014 Flashback “Voters don’t care if John Key”

​Everything that is wrong with our political process can be summed up in this one text: 

“Voters don’t care if John Key uses SIS files or lie pathologically, at least he doesn’t wear a scarf to a job interview !” Claire Robinson

Please tell me @Spinprofessor is wrong?

I just wished John Key a Happy Birthday, you can too

I wonder what 55 year old John would say to 29 year old John about telling porkies to government departments? Happy Birthday John, oink oink. 

Name: John Key


Postcode: 1991

You too can wish John a happy birthday here

Don’t forget to share this page with your followers and friends, so they can wish John all the best too.

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Where the bloody hell are you?

Key’s biggest lie of all: his 1991 statement to the Equiticorp inquiry

#Notmyteam #Notourmen

The attitude that excuses the behaviour of young men in the presence of a female stripper is the same attitude that excuses the behaviour of a flamboyant sporting hero sexually harassing a female journalist on live TV. It’s the same attitude that excuses that labelling of prepubescent girls as ‘sluts’ for wearing ‘short skirts’, or that expects the rape victim could have done more to protect herself from been raped.  The Chief’s franchise would do well to ensure their players understand this attitude is repugnant and unnecessary, long before those players ever pick up a rugby ball in the Waikato’s name #notmyteam #notourmen #Chiefs

“​Hindsight’s a good thing” – Key on Iraq war

This will be the line of the day when John Key and his  band of merry bigots are finally out of office. 

I don’t want political leaders shrugging off the stances they’ve taken with throw away lines like this. Happy to send our men and women to fight, then ‘meh’ response when that choice shown to be greatly flawed.
Plenty of leaders stood tall and said no to going with Bush’s batshit coalition of the dimwitted. Our leader at the time was one of them. Key’s response was to wank on about how this would affect our free trade with the dim. 

No care about the ethics of going to war and the potential for the mass killing of civillians and destroying a country, let alone ordering other peoples’s sons and daughters to carry it out. 

Bodies for $$’s and a pat on the head from the US. 

Nothing changes. 

Ah ha!

Great post DP