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INSIDE PCNZ MUPPETS: Attorney General Pepe Finlayson on imitation in party politics and the rise of Topper Bridges and Jami-Lee Pepe

BREAKING: Duncan Garner Punked by Origin Streaker Impersonator?

BREAKING: Duncan Garner Punked by Origin Streaker Impersonator?

‘Kings of trolling’ caught impersonating State of Origin streaker Wati Holmwood

“I… kept things genuine then all of a sudden I got a few mainstream radio stations from Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington asking me if I’d like to do live interviews on their stations,” Mouss Mourad told Fairfax.

“I did it because it really was the fun of it.”

The trio are Queensland fans and called themselves the “kings of trolling”.



GOVERNMENTS #MANDATE OUTBREAK: Prime Minister denies allegations he is the source of Politically Transmitted Diseases (PTD) outbreak on 9th Floor

BREAKING: 50 ft Front Bum attacks “Having a Bear with Duncan” panel live on air

We are receiving unconfirmed reports popular TV3 host Duncan Garner is fighting for his life after a 50 ft Front Bum stormed the set of The Nation this morning and attacked the prolific tv host live on air.

Duncan seen in happier times reporting outside the Beehive for 3News.

We cross live now to our Man Dan on the scene.

“Man Dan are you there? Can you confirm a Front Bum has indeed attacked the panel?”

“You heard it right folks, Duncan Garner has been attacked by a 50ft Front Bum and is trapped on set along with regular “Having a Bear with Duncan” panel members Big Ted and Jemima.”

Duncan’s running mate for Most Prolific Presenter of the Year award Guyon “Dunkin my mate” Espiner said he was shocked, “as the other voice of the nation, I am shocked.”

Sargent Henry Wright of Auckland Police says that while the Police believe this to be an isolated incident they can not rule out that Front Bums are revolting and is advising all #canthemanban sympathises to remain in doors.

Economist Gareth Morgan say this is further proof Front Bums are nothing more than environmental terrorists, once again are showing what little regard they have for the native politicalhackohglorious in it’s natural habit. Morgan hopes to eradicate Front Bums from New Zealand by 2017.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has offered the use of an asylum should the New Zealand Government seek to contain an outbreak of Front Bums outside it’s borders.

BREAKING MUPPET NEWS: Parliamentry staffers who pranked Attorney General in Beehive lift to keep jobs.

PCNZ PEOPLE: David Shearer, man or a Muppet? You decide.

PCNZ EXCLUSIVE: Judith Collins alleges John Key called her a ‘lemon tart’ in elevator ambush; GCSB denies seeing PM in elevator… more at six

IN BREAKING NEWS: NZ public to put forward remit seeking equal representation for Quality Reporting in journalism in nation’s media; press gallery say quota not fair, will oppose it.


IN BREAKING NEWS: NZ public to put forward remit seeking equal representation for Quality Reporting in journalism in nation’s media; incumbents objecting.