Transcript: Kim Dot Com – Stop the GCSB Bill Meeting – 19/08/2013

Internet billionaire and illegal spying victim Kim Dot Com addresses audience at Stop the GCSB Bill Meeting, Auckland Town Hall, Monday 19th August 2013

Thank you very much.  Can you hear me well?  So you are all part of a giant Hollywood experiment [audience laughs]. 

It’s the first real time spy thriller in history.  It will play out over a period of approximately seven years – it started as a bit of an action movie, turned into bit of a drama, and it will end as comedy [audience laughs]. 

It’s a Hollywood production directed by the White House and John Key.  And we have a magnificent cast [acknowledges other speakers] [audience claps]. 

Let me share a little story with you about how I found out that I was spied on which lead to everything that followed, including us been here.  I’m an avid gamer Modern Warfare on Xbox and there’s the other one [speaker laughs/audience laughs] and I noticed that my speed, my internet speed went down to about 20 – 30 milliseconds (speaker laughs/audience laughs). 

A normal internet user would never ever identify that but me been a gamer, and a competitive gamer, I noticed it and I was wondering to myself y/know why it is I hired a guy to check my systems and y/know contact Telecom and all that and only after the raid did I figure out what happened – they rerouted all my traffic.

They rerouted it in a way that they could capture all my data that went through my connection and it ended up in a system that is now known to all of us because of Edward Snowden – it’s called Prism – and the system that allows the GCSB to access Prism is called X-Keyscore.

We know, from the leaks that Snowden released, that X-Keyscore is been used by New Zealand, by every Five Eyes spy network partner.  And when John Campbell asked John Key that, you can be sure John Key would have said “no” in a heartbeat if the GCSB didn’t use it; instead he said he cannot talk about it [audience murmur].

And X-Keyscore is basically a “Google for Spies”.

All your data, all your communication, when you use Facebook, when you use Skype, when you use Apple, or iCloud, or Gmail – all of that goes to a tiny cable that is as thick as your thumb, from here to the United States and everything is stored there.

So what the GCSB agent does when he wants to find out about you and you become a ‘person of interest’, all he has to do is type in your email address and all your emails from the last five years will pop up and be available for analysis and review – and this is the reality – so when the Prime Minister tells all of us that there is no mass surveillance and that’s not what the GCSB is about he is lying straight to your face.   It’s dishonest and its wrong and you need to understand this.

He hides behind a term where he says “his lawyers tell him it’s legal,” because it’s “not the GCSB doing it, it’s the Americans doing it,” [audience murmur] but the Five Eyes turns all of them into one.  It turns the GCSB and UK, and Australia, the US and New Zealand into one entity that spies collectively on the world’s population and the GCSB is part of it – and the GCSB has access to data of every New Zealander and there’s absolutely no doubt about that.  So if we allow this law to pass we are basically allowing John Key and his Government to legalise this action that is clearly against the law. 

He says it’s not because the American – huge difference if you are part in a spy network that does that; and then John Key says “well we didn’t ask the Americans to do that, we didn’t want them to spy on New Zealanders – if they do it y/know – it’s not our problem,” but the problem, you have access to that information, so you are spying on all New Zealanders and if they pass this Bill they will do it legally, which is what I think – the birth of a surveillance state in New Zealand. 

Every wireless call in New Zealand is already being captured and the bulk data been transmitted over to the US.  We know that because one of the Snowden leaks have shown that Telstra in Australia is providing bulk caller data to the US as part of being in the Five Eyes network and as part of [that] the condition is to have the submarine cable connected to the US.  The US said “hey if you want to land here, these are our conditions, you need to provide us with all the data”. 

You need to know the GCSB and the Police, when they talked about my case they used encrypted telephones – they didn’t use normal mobile phones (we know that because of discovery in our court case) and if they feel that on their own domestic network they need to switch to encrypted telephones, it tells you quite a lot – they know that every call is already being monitored.  

Now when John Key went to Campbell Live he said something that I found quite incredible, and I quote “if GCSB decided to listen to all calls and read all text messages of every New Zealander it would take 130,000 staff and would cost $6.6 billion dollars” – now what a load of nonsense that is.   The reality is, they capture all calls, they turn the calls into text, with advanced software that can recognise what you say, they then have an algorithm with ‘key words’ that runs over all the text to identify the things that they are looking for and then that text is stored indefinitely and searchable forever. 

So this explanation from John Key is really trying to misinform you, us, the misinformed New Zealanders who don’t have a clue about why we are opposing the GCSB Bill and y/know why we are all so wrong. 

We are being lied to. 

We are being fooled into thinking that this GCSB system, this new Bill is created to protect us, but what it actually does, it empowers the Government to an extent that was unknown before the Snowden leaks. 

At this point and the world is waking up to this wrong – this breach of our basic human rights – we have a Prime Minister of New Zealand who thinks he can just push this through with one vote, with so many people against it, the vast majority of New Zealanders against it. 

And see this is something you have to remember because in November 2014, if this Bill passes, you have the chance to say ‘no’ to this Government and to change [audience claps] and to change what they are going to put into place tomorrow [because I think it will pass] – unless there is a brave National MP whose not following John Key blindly into disaster – because there are more Snowden leaks to come out.

There is my case against the GCSB in court, which is going to function as an independent inquiry and a lot of things will come out about more illegal spying, about the cover up, and when all of that happens National MPs need to be sure that the people of New Zealand will remember what John Key has done and they will judge him for that and they will cast their vote accordingly in November 2014.

Thank you.

Download pdf transcript : GCSB 2013 08 19 Auckland Town Hall – KimDotCom


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