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ATTN MSM: this is not a political news story. I repeat, this is not a political news story.

New Zealand your media treats you as if you are stupid and vacuous, and articles like this are the only things your feeble minds can handle at any given time, unless Paddy has turned up with his friends Shouty Paddy and Opinionated Paddy.  Seriously NZ trust me, I’m on Twitter a bit and this is not news.  If it’s anything, it’s a desperate cry for help from political journalism the world over to wrestle it back from the eternally lazy and intellectually disinterested.

Dunne duped into serial killer retweet


The question will only go away if we let it – please like & share this Facebook page thank you

After only a few years in parliament, a relative newcomer to politics, John Philip Key became the leader of the National party of New Zealand.  He was subsequently elected the Prime Minister of New Zealand on 8 November 2008 and three years later re-elected, today he is beginning his third term.  Many questions about this man remain unanswered and this blog in part is in response to those questions. 

In August 2007 he told the New Zealand Herald he had left Elders Merchant Finance in 1987. The following year documentation from a 1990s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) investigation into a failed group of companies revealed he had told investigators in 1991 that he had left Elders 1988. 

He was soon telling media he simply had his dates wrong in the 2007 interview and that the date given in his statement to the SFO was correct. Our media commentators all agreed it was not a good look for a man who wanted to be Prime Minister, but they let the discrepancy go largely unchallenged.

My post “John Key did you lie to the Serious Fraud Office” asks the question they haven’t. John Key, did you lie to the Serious Fraud Office?

The question will only go away if we let it
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John Key did you lie to the Serious Fraud Office?

When in Labour

In Labour


Alas no mystery – it’s voter apathy


There once was a PM named Key

Re-elected with a majority

The left fell flat

What happened Matt?

Alas  it’s voter apathy

Five stages of left: a visual post election representation 1/2


Fives stages of grief

(Image source: distractify – Stuck Cats)

Remember ladies a woman’s place is in the revolution

Remember ladies

Thank you to all the suffragettes who made tomorrow possible 121 years ago today

Kate Sheppard Suffragette

Hey Civilians! You can take our H-ches but you’ll never take our Hamilton

Hey Civilians! You can take our H-ches but you'll never our Hamilton

Captain Hamilton says “Yo there citizens vote positive tomorrow, two ticks Labour”

Captain Hamilton "Yo there citizens vote positive tomorrow, two ticks Labour"

Sue Moroney – Hamilton West

Clive Allen – Hamilton East

Nanaia Mahuta – Hauraki Waikato

Christine Greer – Waikato

Even the election signs are starting to pack up, getting ready to go home

Signs packing up ready to go home

None so blind as Key

None So Blind

Hamilton’s going to the dogs under National

Hamilton’s going to the dogs under National *

Going to the dogs

Vote Positive, Two Ticks Labour

* no dogs were harmed in the making of this post

Moments of Political Truthiness in New Zealand’s mainstream media

This graphic from Paul Le Comte is representative of how the main media news sites often spin poll results to their audiences. 

In Paul’s graphic you will see the following:

A headline: Moment of Truth gifts Team Key a late bounce in polls

A sub – Heading: “Last voter survey before election day shows jump in National’s rating.”

& a paragraph: “Today’s poll has National on 48.2 per cent, down a little from last week when the seven-day polling is totaled.

It would be able to form a Government with its current support partners, Act, United Future and the Maori Party, assuming they are returned to Parliament.”

With the following poll results: National -0.4, Labour +1.3. 

Disingenuous Media - NZ Herald

New Zealand Herald – 19 September 2014


In July I’d noticed a similar thing when a drop in National’s rating and a rise in Labour’s was framed as “consolidating National’s grip on the electorate.”

The article’s headline: Labour’s poll woe deepens

National holds on to huge lead - Stuff

“Labour’s poll woe deepens” 17 July 2014

I hope after tomorrow’s General Election we turn our gaze on the mainstream media and ask them what the f? 

One of these cats wants you to rate them tomorrow

The other is a National party politician

Vote Positive, Vote two ticks Labour


Key’s Impossible Timeline

May 1991 John Key is interviewed by the Serious Fraud Office

  • He is asked to corroborate the statement of an ex colleague
  • This colleague has told them he could be sure of a date, 31 August 1988, because he had allegedly gone to lunch with Key that day
  • They both tell investigators this lunch occurred on Key’s last day at Elders Merchant Finance
  • They can remember the date because it was Key’s ‘farewell lunch’
  • He was leaving Elders to go to Bankers Trust

Official timeline

  • Key resigns Elders Merchant Finance 24 June 1988
  • His last day 31 August 1988 shares a farewell lunch with a colleague
  • He starts at Bankers Trust sometime after 31 August 1988

However, we’ve been told

  • On first day at Bankers Trust Key was given a list of premium clients
  • On that list was Andrew Krieger, based at the company’s New York branch
  • Key was responsible for managing the relationship with Krieger, it was part of his job description
  • Krieger’s trades helped to turn the local Bankers Trust branch into the number one dealing room in the country

Here’s where the official timeline goes wrong

  • Krieger resigned from Bankers Trust New York on 23 February 1988
  • His resignation is well documented, appearing in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal at the time as well as discussed later in Krieger’s book
  • Krieger quickly bores of currency trading and leaves the currency markets in June 1988; not returning to them until late 1990
  • Krieger’s resignation is some six months before the date Key tells investigators is his last day at Elders; Krieger’s departure from the currency markets is two months prior

Proposed timeline/events

  • Resigns Elders sometime between June 24–September 15 1988
  • Immediately leaves the firm but is subject to ‘Gardening Leave’
  • During this period he collaborates with the firms New York office in some heavy duty currency speculation
  • 70% of Bankers Trusts’ currency trades were done in overseas markets, hence Key is able to carry on trading during his gardening leave
  • Gardening leave ends sometime early 1988 and Key’s official start with Bankers Trust begins

If Key told SFO he started working at a company in 1988, but evidence suggests it was 1987, then he has lied to them and New Zealanders’ deserve an explanation.  Read more here: John Key did you lie to the Serious Fraud Office?

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Time this comprehensive timeline for John Key & Kim Dot Com got another public airing.

Time this comprehensive timeline for John Key & Kim Dot Com got another public airing.


(Thanks NZ First)

Greenwald vs Key

Very helpful timeline from Andrea Vance for Dominion Post via Danylmc at Dim Post. Danylmc’s posts are almost always followed by insightful and interesting comments; makes his blog well worth following.

Six days left to


Spotted Alexandra Street, Hamilton

Did John Key lie to SFO? Alternate time line for 1987 – 1988

Click to view:

John Key Alternative Time Line 1987 – 1988

2008 6 March ALT TV: Oliver Driver (Lets Be Frank) interview where Key talks about working with Andrew Krieger at Bankers Trust

2008 30 October Radio New Zealand: Kathryn Ryan(Nine to Noon) interviews John Key about H-Fee a week before 2008 General Election

See background story here.

“Hey John look, there goes your credibility.”

"Hey John look, there goes your credibility."

“Is orange the new Nat?”

"Is orange the new Nat?"

What do you mean you’d rather see people get a living wage?

“What do you mean you’d rather see people get a living wage? Are you some kind of communist?”

key communist

I’ll put you all into red zone time out

“Say after me, b-l-u-e – blue. Say you like blue! Say it. I’ll put you all into red zone time out..”


 Key blue

Did Key lie? Why?

Krieger’s book, left B/T Feb 88. Key sd working w/ K was frm 1 Sep 88.

Not possible. Did Key lie? Why?