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As a nation drowned in the PM’s lies, sons & daughters were sent to die

As a nation drowned in it’s PM’s lies

Sons & daughters were sent to die

Meanwhile at home democracy cried

But his government crowed

Everything’s fine.

Other peoples’ children signed up for his war

While at home in comfort he called for more

For bodies were needed to feed it all

Media cried out loud

War! War! War!

When history writes upon his tomb

Will it reflect the pain of those who knew

His government’s ways were all too true

Of right rich Tories

Through and through.

See it’s easy to trade bodies for war

Free trade and a handshake and little more

So beware this terrorist at the door

For the Tory bastard

Should be feared by all.

Tory Bastard

  Hansard, 7 August 2007, 2. Iraq – Combat Forces

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Some might just come by train.

As a Waikato girl by birth, Aucklander by nature, and living in Hamilton by choice, I’ve long being a supporter of a regular train gig chugging the willing and the weary between the hustle and pace of Auckland and the tranquility and bliss of Kirikiriroa. For Hamilton needs this, it is not just about getting those Hamilton side to Auckland but getting Aucklanders and everyone in between to Hamilton!

This city is growing, it’s awakening, it’s progressive and dare I say it, at times quite happening. We have industry here, ground breaking, innovative industries, awe inspiring science and technologies but we are the “cow town” when it comes to the commercial, the headquarters, the corporates. We need to attract them and keep them.  But we need to supply infrastructure that works for the staff they wish to employ. We need quality public transport, inner city living, international airport, and a CBD that is  big, bold and brave with an underground railway station. And if innovative, forward thinking people think they may want to live or work here, they will come.

Some might just come by train.

Stuff it!

Do Fairfax editors not give a damn anymore?  Damn shame they couldn’t find a picture for this opinion by Nicholas Sheppard that wasn’t a photo of two climbers who died on Mt Taranaki last year.

Stuff it

Farewell Westie, rest at last

Ewen Gilmour

Thank you for the funny lines

Thank you for a chance to smile

Thank you for a lot of laughs

Farewell Westie, rest at last

Ewen Gilmour

 Ewen Gilmour

1963 – 2014