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Dear John

Dear John, Northland went National lite

Northland-By-Election-stripDear John, voters making it Winston’s night


Seems their love for you has gone

johnkeyqueenSo they’re sending you this song

winston-peters-nzmeTonight, they want another

facebook_support_for_winston_peters_E1Chin up John

6a00d83451d75d69e201b8d0f5dc73970c-800wiHe’s their winner

1427594057757A force for the North, come whatever

we-love-you-winstonDear John


BASF “Dear John”


Mike ‘Get Some Guts’ Hosking speak out against soldiers opting out of Iraq deployment

Is this for real? Mike Hosking equates jobs, such as his, a talking head with a soldier’s deployment in Iraq? Please tell me this man is joking? Unbelievable. Is this the ‘get some guts’ that Key talks about? Getting guts to sit on in front of a tv camera, or a nation and tell OTHER people to go to war?


“Is doing your job now seen as above and beyond?

Who else gets to opt out of doing their actual job?”

Seven Sharp‘s Mike Hosking questions how NZ

military personnel can opt out of deployment to Iraq.