The 4 ways John Campbell took a cheeky stab at PM Key last night

And a jolly good show it was. Marvelous.



The TV ratings are in and Campbell Live is continuing to perform well above average. 264,000 was the number of televsion sets tuned into Campbell’s 7pm show last night – that’s slightly less than the more than 300,000 tuned in on previous nights this week following rumours the show was due for the can.

And just days ago Prime Minister John Key stunned many with his claim Campbell Live was purely “entertainment” with no public service value, a claim strong refuted by Campbell who shot back saying the program has never been, and never will be about profit.

Fans were quick to slam Key, pointing to Campbell’s fundraising through the show which now numbers well into the millions of dollars. Benefactors have included earthquake victims, cyclone victims, impoverished children and the sick.

Struggling people in need of help. Something only the Prime Minister must find entertaining.

But Campbell was not…

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