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So long Malcolm …



Yeah nah, see ya John

Lets see how long this comment lasts on @NZNationalParty farewell John post on their FB page #nzpol #hfee


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Time to go John

John Key did you lie to the Serious Fraud Office?


Tweet of the Week 

“Don’t worry @johnkeypm, Kelvin Davis has a strong track record of helping out NZ citizens who are stuck in Australia against their will” – @lukeurmyson 

Check out @Lukeurmyson’s Tweet:

​All Kiwis want … updated for 2016

​All Kiwis want … 2016 update 

“…and a Prime Minister who didn’t lie to a government investigation in his twenties”

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Time to go John

Where the bloody hell are you?

Key’s biggest lie of all: his 1991 statement to the Equiticorp investigation

Tweet of the Day

​”I’d advise anyone thinking of moving to New Zealand to bring their own House”

@carol_stirling #twotd #nzpol #housingcrisis

Dear Verity

Who cares if you are a slut, not a slut, want to be a slut, or couldn’t give a rats either way. You’re perpetuating the stupid demonising that has sought to control female sexuality for thousands of years by moralising and denying women autonomy over their own vaginas. If you think been a slut is a bad thing, an insult, then you are enabling the problem, not particpating in the solution, let alone challenging it *sigh*

Keywi integrity at it’s finest

​”What kind of message would it send to our youth if we decriminalised cannabis?”

Image credit, thanks to Rob Treacher @RobTreacher 

2014 Flashback “Voters don’t care if John Key”

​Everything that is wrong with our political process can be summed up in this one text: 

“Voters don’t care if John Key uses SIS files or lie pathologically, at least he doesn’t wear a scarf to a job interview !” Claire Robinson

Please tell me @Spinprofessor is wrong?

I just wished John Key a Happy Birthday, you can too

I wonder what 55 year old John would say to 29 year old John about telling porkies to government departments? Happy Birthday John, oink oink. 

Name: John Key


Postcode: 1991

You too can wish John a happy birthday here

Don’t forget to share this page with your followers and friends, so they can wish John all the best too.

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Time to go John

Where the bloody hell are you?

Key’s biggest lie of all: his 1991 statement to the Equiticorp inquiry

#Notmyteam #Notourmen

The attitude that excuses the behaviour of young men in the presence of a female stripper is the same attitude that excuses the behaviour of a flamboyant sporting hero sexually harassing a female journalist on live TV. It’s the same attitude that excuses that labelling of prepubescent girls as ‘sluts’ for wearing ‘short skirts’, or that expects the rape victim could have done more to protect herself from been raped.  The Chief’s franchise would do well to ensure their players understand this attitude is repugnant and unnecessary, long before those players ever pick up a rugby ball in the Waikato’s name #notmyteam #notourmen #Chiefs

“​Hindsight’s a good thing” – Key on Iraq war

This will be the line of the day when John Key and his  band of merry bigots are finally out of office. 

I don’t want political leaders shrugging off the stances they’ve taken with throw away lines like this. Happy to send our men and women to fight, then ‘meh’ response when that choice shown to be greatly flawed.
Plenty of leaders stood tall and said no to going with Bush’s batshit coalition of the dimwitted. Our leader at the time was one of them. Key’s response was to wank on about how this would affect our free trade with the dim. 

No care about the ethics of going to war and the potential for the mass killing of civillians and destroying a country, let alone ordering other peoples’s sons and daughters to carry it out. 

Bodies for $$’s and a pat on the head from the US. 

Nothing changes. 

Ah ha!

Great post DP

I imagine New Zealand’s going to keep calm over this, will send sheep

I imagine New Zealand’s going to keep calm over this, will send sheep.


Saudi Arabia ‘jails man for telling the truth’ about work conditions :

Time to go John

” …a sense in which Andrew Little is responsible is that he has been part of a campaign of deliberate lies… It is very sad that an opposition party would [behave] so dishonestly…”

Given John Key’s entire tenure as prime minister is built on lies, this from Matthew Hooton over at The Dimpost’s comment section is somewhat ironic, and insulting.

In October 2008 as the then opposition leader, Key maintained his 1991 statement to the Serious Fraud Office investigation into failed corporate high-flier Equiticorp and it’s fraudulent H-Fee transactions with Australian corporate giant Elders IXL, was accurate. But his well documented relationship with infamous New York based Bankers Trust currency raider Andrew Krieger says otherwise.


We know Key worked with Krieger, this was confirmed in great detail by hi Bankers Trust boss Gavin Walker* in February 2008. Telling media Key knew everything Krieger was executing across the Auckland Bankers Trust’s branch’s trading desk; indeed looking after Krieger was part of Key’s job description. Key himself has said he can still recall his first phone call with the trader, saying Krieger asked him about New Zealand’s GDP and it’s monetary supply.

We can also be sure Key was at his previous firm Elders Merchant Finance on 17 August 1987, as he filmed for Close Up’s “Big Dealers” episode on that day. What we know of Krieger is that he resigned from Bankers Trust on 23 February 1988. His resignation is well documented, having been reported in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and later in Krieger’s own book, ‘The Money Bazaar’.


To have worked with Krieger, which there is no doubt, Key needed to have left Elders Merchant Finance to start with Bankers Trust sometime after 17 August 1987 but before Krieger’s 23 February 1988 resignation date.

Therefore Key’s statement to the Equiticorp inquiry in which he told investigators he left  Elders Merchant Finance for Bankers Trust on 31 August 1988 can only be a lie. His insistence to voters in October 2008 that his statement was entirely accurate can only be another one.


Lying to an SFO investigation carries a maximum $15,000 fine or twelve months jail, more for conspiring to mislead, and I think any investigation would find that’s exactly what Key (and his ex-Elders colleague Paul Richards**) did.


Time to go John.


* Gavin Walker, current Chair, Board of Guardians of New Zealand Superfund
** Paul Richards, current head of Foreign Exchange Distribution, UBS, North America

Day 22 Remembering Christchurch

It’s called public service for a reason


Bad title: politicians are not ‘celebrities’ and shouldn’t be treated as one. It’s called public service for a reason.

Nicky Hager warned us about this.

When releasing ‘Dirty Politics’ last year, Nicky Hager asked that the takeaway from the book be not that John Key has bad taste in friends, but that the government’s PR machine was increasingly running spin, and shutting down, shutting out, or simply shutting up bad news. I don’t know enough about politics through the ages, but I’m pretty sure some pretty shit regimes have used these tactics too. Please wake up, this is not our New Zealand.


My police file: 17 pages blacked out

Australian prime minister suggests John Key is bit of a ‘role model’.

Would Turnbull and Obama think as positively about Key if they knew Key had lied to an early ’90s trans-Tasman investigation into high flying corporates on both our shores?


Key was interviewed by Australia’s (now defunct) National Crime Authority and New Zealand’s (then newly established) Serious Fraud Office in May 1991. The evidence he gave to the investigation included a dated timeline for him leaving one job for another. However with a little light shed on it, it’s easy to see this timeline is an impossibility.

In 2008, one week before that year’s general election and he was elected prime minister for the first time, Key’s statement to the investigation surfaced. He told curious media his statement was “100% correct” and any talk to the contrary was nothing but a smear campaign by a “desperate left.”

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“Can Australia’s media do what New Zealand’s so far hasn’t?”
“John Key did you lie to the Serious Fraud Office.”

“Except white collar crime, if it’s white collar crime then I’m probably comfortable with it”



Key stating he’s the one standing up for the victims of crime. Like he did when he lied to the 1990’s Serious Fraud Office investigation into failed corporate Equiticorp? Whose execs defrauded 55,000 shareholders of over $400 million? An investigation he was happy to mislead to help out his friend who was facing charges for facilitating $40 odd million of that fraud?

Yeah victims, Key rarely cares about them.  

“Except white collar crime, if it’s white collar crime then I’m probably comfortable with it”

“Screwing the scrum” – Cunliffe

Screwing the scrum: the government is screwing people and democracy by underfunding watchdogs and public service.

When I heard Nicky Hagar speak last year, he said the ‘takeaway’ from ‘Dirty Politics’ was not the salacious scandal but the slow erosion of democracy behind it. He asked we seek to create a society where our public service and our public servants, and scientists, and eductors and our health workers were not just free to speak-out against governments but supported to. Transperency in government should know no party colours. 

Watch David Cunliffe 04.11.15 – General Debate – Part 8
HT: Dailyblog/Inthehouse

Another Serious Fraud Office investigation worth mentioning: John Key did you lie to the Serious Fraud Office

Clickbait government

Flangst: a feeling of deep anxiety or dread




a feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about changing New Zealand’s flag or the state of the flag change process in general.

“not having a Yes/No vote in the first referendum has caused unnecessary angst amongst voters, especially those who do not want to change”

synonyms: anxiety, fear, dread, apprehension, worry, perturbation, foreboding, trepidation, malaise, distress, disquiet, disquietude, unease, uneasiness; rare inquietude


Love this brilliant, bold, determined woman.

Love this brilliant, bold, determined woman. Detention centers are vile, inhumane cattle yards and have no place in so called democratic civil societies.

Melbourne woman taking on Transfield over children in detention

September 18, 2015 – 10:44PM

This is the Melbourne woman who has corporate giant Transfield Services extremely nervous as it negotiates a new contract to run Australia’s offshore immigration detention centres.

Transfield is preparing to sign a multibillion-dollar, five-year deal to continue operating the Manus Island and Nauru camps on behalf of the federal government, and Shen Narayanasamy wants to put the release of children at the forefront of the company’s mind.

“People might be swayed by the Stop the Boats rhetoric, but they draw the line at child abuse.”

And Transfield is taking her and the newly formed group she helped create, No Business In Abuse (NBIA), very seriously.

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He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!


Hope you did not die in vain little one

Hope  RIP Aylan and Ghalib Kurdi Syrian Refugees

RIP Aylan & Galip


Why yes. Yes it can.

August 2010 Labour’s Charles Chauvel introduced a private members bill to parliament seeking to hold a debate on changing the New Zealand flag. He proposed an 18 month consultative process and a design competition, culminating in one referendum asking voters if the wished to retain the existing flag or to adopt one of the three competition winners. Unfortunately for Chauvel, who resigned from parliament in 2013, his bill was never drawn from the ballot.

So it may have come as some surprise to Chauvel and his Labour peers when John Key announced in January 2014 his government would be holding a referendum on this very issue. As only a few short years earlier change was not on the government’s agenda, not even remotely, as noted in this 2010 article.

“However, Mr Chauvel may have his work cut out for him as Prime Minister John Key has said changing New Zealand’s flag isn’t on the Government’s agenda.”


Read more:

Would be interesting to compare and rank Chauvel’s New Zealand Flag Bill with the government’s New Zealand Flag Referendum Act and see which flag process offered New Zealanders the best opportunity for unity, identity and change.

Also, just exactly what changed between 2010 and 2014 Mr Key?