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John Key will not return to parliament after the Christmas break

Picking John Key will not return to parliament after the Christmas break citing ongoing family reasons, triggering an earlier than expected general election next year. 

If what John Key says is true, he might not have much left in the tank, but politically he has left the National Party with plenty in theirs – for now. They will need to use it wisely or they could face running out of steam in the next twelve months and find that capital is not there when they need it most. Better to kick Key to the curb now when he can bow out with relatively not much fuss after Christmas, giving the new prime minister a a fair suck of the election sav’.

Dear Leader Kim Jong Key Rachel Glucina

A costly by-election can be avoided if a general election is held within 6 months of a minister resigning, and the writ (the notice of the election date) receives 75% support of the parliament. That could mean an election could be held in the first half of 2017.

If there really is a Santa in the House, they’d bring me this for Christmas.


Dear John

Dear John, Northland went National lite

Northland-By-Election-stripDear John, voters making it Winston’s night


Seems their love for you has gone

johnkeyqueenSo they’re sending you this song

winston-peters-nzmeTonight, they want another

facebook_support_for_winston_peters_E1Chin up John

6a00d83451d75d69e201b8d0f5dc73970c-800wiHe’s their winner

1427594057757A force for the North, come whatever

we-love-you-winstonDear John


BASF “Dear John”