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Does the prime minister stand by all his statements?

It looks like today’s questions were a coordinated effort by opposition parties to make the prime minister answer questions and not have him fob them off to someone else or deny he has any responsibility to answer it. I thought Duncan Garner was a political journalist once, so surely he would have known this? Or is this fobbing off questions a new thing, unique to Team Key?

When MPs ask Key if he “stands by all his statements” he has to answer questions that are put to him and not pass it on to one of his Ministers. If they simply asked him about a particular subject, he can blow it off and not answer it by saying he has no responsibility for that portfolio, thereby wasting a valuable question. The government does this so the prime minister is kept from having to answer tough questions and/or be associated with dodgy, useless, inept, corrupt, etc, government ministers and departments.

For example you could ask Key about the state of operations at a particular DHB, he could claim he has no ‘ministerial responsibility for that’ and pass the question to his Minister of Health to answer. Or he might have made the claim a health department is operating very well, but when it’s proven it isn’t, he can simply deny he has any knowledge or responsibility for it. Whereas asking him if he “stands by all this statements” (usually it is only in relation to a particular topic) but to make the point the opposition parties gave him no wiggle room today by asking if he stood by all his statements since becoming prime minister, means he has to answer, and truthfully, MPs including the PM can not to lie to or mislead parliament. It’s probably the worse thing a politician can do.

Passing off questions has been happening a lot with this government and it frustrates democracy. A country needs a strong opposition (regardless of your politics) to hold governments to account but if they are hindered in the very house where they are meant to get answers for the public, from the very ministers or a prime minister who serve us, then there’s not much an opposition can be, but inept – and that doesn’t do anyone any favours. I applaud what the parties did to day. More of the same please.

Does the prime minister stand by all his statements

Does the prime minister stand by all his statements

SCOUT EXCLUSIVE: Mike Hosking embraces his inner cleaning lady

Hosking Very Sucky Big Noter

Newly launched entertainment and celebrity site SCOUT provided it’s audience with a much lauded first day exclusive on Monday which turned out to be little more than footage of NewstalkZB radio host and TVNZ’s Seven Sharp presenter Mike Hosking vacuuming his Ferrari. Yes, you read it right. New Zealand’s highest paid broadcaster vacuuming his car is a not just celebrity news to SCOUT, the knowledge is so titillating it needs to be delivered to us an exclusive. If this exclusive wasn’t such vacuous tripe you’d be forgiven for thinking Rachel Glucina and her SCOUT co-owners Mediaworks had taken out shares in a vacuuming cleaning company and were about to launch nightly SCOUT TV infomercials for their very own oh so sucky-motor.

However its not the mindblowing numbness of SCOUT’s very first exclusive that is the point of this post, rather it’s the sexism that accompanied it. Glucina as author of this dust bunny drivel, needs to lift her game if she hopes SCOUT to have any longevity. For the record, saying Hosking is not above ’embracing his inner cleaning lady’ is sexist and unnecessary. Men actually do clean and for the most part the majority of them don’t need to lower themselves from the lofty status of male to the lowly status of female to pick up a hoover.

If this is the level of narrative and content SCOUT hopes to provide, then I can’t wait for it’s close-up of Key the Elder trimming his nose hairs and Glucina’s exclusive interviews with each of his nose hairs for their unique take on the inner workings of Prime Minister John.

Prime Minister on rising Power Prices 11 March 2014, Questions for Oral Answer.

Prime Minister John Key on rising Power Prices 11 March 2014, Questions for Oral Answer.

Power prices were raised during Question Time on 11 March, the Prime Minister’s responded to the question by denying power was going up as high as had been suggested but also used the Consumer Price Index as a way of suggesting even if power was going up, there was room in household budgets to absorb so called power prices because so many other things in the CPI had come down in price,

“So in overall terms, when one looks at the CPI, somethings go up and somethings go down. For example car prices went down, clothing & footwear prices went down, household contents went down, so many categories, lots of things went down, the odd thing went up.”
But those are all discretionary purchases.

BREAKING: Duncan Garner Punked by Origin Streaker Impersonator?

BREAKING: Duncan Garner Punked by Origin Streaker Impersonator?

‘Kings of trolling’ caught impersonating State of Origin streaker Wati Holmwood

“I… kept things genuine then all of a sudden I got a few mainstream radio stations from Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington asking me if I’d like to do live interviews on their stations,” Mouss Mourad told Fairfax.

“I did it because it really was the fun of it.”

The trio are Queensland fans and called themselves the “kings of trolling”.

BREAKING: 50 ft Front Bum attacks “Having a Bear with Duncan” panel live on air

We are receiving unconfirmed reports popular TV3 host Duncan Garner is fighting for his life after a 50 ft Front Bum stormed the set of The Nation this morning and attacked the prolific tv host live on air.

Duncan seen in happier times reporting outside the Beehive for 3News.

We cross live now to our Man Dan on the scene.

“Man Dan are you there? Can you confirm a Front Bum has indeed attacked the panel?”

“You heard it right folks, Duncan Garner has been attacked by a 50ft Front Bum and is trapped on set along with regular “Having a Bear with Duncan” panel members Big Ted and Jemima.”

Duncan’s running mate for Most Prolific Presenter of the Year award Guyon “Dunkin my mate” Espiner said he was shocked, “as the other voice of the nation, I am shocked.”

Sargent Henry Wright of Auckland Police says that while the Police believe this to be an isolated incident they can not rule out that Front Bums are revolting and is advising all #canthemanban sympathises to remain in doors.

Economist Gareth Morgan say this is further proof Front Bums are nothing more than environmental terrorists, once again are showing what little regard they have for the native politicalhackohglorious in it’s natural habit. Morgan hopes to eradicate Front Bums from New Zealand by 2017.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has offered the use of an asylum should the New Zealand Government seek to contain an outbreak of Front Bums outside it’s borders.