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Prime Minister on rising Power Prices 11 March 2014, Questions for Oral Answer.

Prime Minister John Key on rising Power Prices 11 March 2014, Questions for Oral Answer.

Power prices were raised during Question Time on 11 March, the Prime Minister’s responded to the question by denying power was going up as high as had been suggested but also used the Consumer Price Index as a way of suggesting even if power was going up, there was room in household budgets to absorb so called power prices because so many other things in the CPI had come down in price,

“So in overall terms, when one looks at the CPI, somethings go up and somethings go down. For example car prices went down, clothing & footwear prices went down, household contents went down, so many categories, lots of things went down, the odd thing went up.”
But those are all discretionary purchases.

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