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Does the prime minister stand by all his statements?

It looks like today’s questions were a coordinated effort by opposition parties to make the prime minister answer questions and not have him fob them off to someone else or deny he has any responsibility to answer it. I thought Duncan Garner was a political journalist once, so surely he would have known this? Or is this fobbing off questions a new thing, unique to Team Key?

When MPs ask Key if he “stands by all his statements” he has to answer questions that are put to him and not pass it on to one of his Ministers. If they simply asked him about a particular subject, he can blow it off and not answer it by saying he has no responsibility for that portfolio, thereby wasting a valuable question. The government does this so the prime minister is kept from having to answer tough questions and/or be associated with dodgy, useless, inept, corrupt, etc, government ministers and departments.

For example you could ask Key about the state of operations at a particular DHB, he could claim he has no ‘ministerial responsibility for that’ and pass the question to his Minister of Health to answer. Or he might have made the claim a health department is operating very well, but when it’s proven it isn’t, he can simply deny he has any knowledge or responsibility for it. Whereas asking him if he “stands by all this statements” (usually it is only in relation to a particular topic) but to make the point the opposition parties gave him no wiggle room today by asking if he stood by all his statements since becoming prime minister, means he has to answer, and truthfully, MPs including the PM can not to lie to or mislead parliament. It’s probably the worse thing a politician can do.

Passing off questions has been happening a lot with this government and it frustrates democracy. A country needs a strong opposition (regardless of your politics) to hold governments to account but if they are hindered in the very house where they are meant to get answers for the public, from the very ministers or a prime minister who serve us, then there’s not much an opposition can be, but inept – and that doesn’t do anyone any favours. I applaud what the parties did to day. More of the same please.

Does the prime minister stand by all his statements

Does the prime minister stand by all his statements

Lord Ashcroft & his porky telling Prime Minister BFFs

It appears the United Kingdom’s David Cameron and New Zealand’s John Key have more than friendship with self-made businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft and prime ministerial office in common. It appears they are both world class liars, each willing to mislead their voting public to gain office.

Lord Ashcroft's porky telling Prime Ministers

Lord Ashcroft’s porky telling Prime Ministers John Key & David Cameron

Yesterday via an explosive extract of his soon to be published book ‘Call Me Dave’, Ashcroft makes the claim Cameron had lied to media about his knowledge of Ashcroft’s non-dom (non domiciled) tax  status. I don’t know enough about UK politics or indeed it’s tax system to comment, other than to say yesterday’s revelations show ‘Lord Cashcroft’ (as he was labelled by UK media) is not above greasing the party palms of would-be prime ministers in return for favours. Ergo is there something New Zealand voters need to be concerned about? Apart from our current prime minister Key having no issues with lying to government investigations that is.

Lord Ashcroft's congratulates his friend John Key on his 2014 election victory

Lord Ashcroft’s congratulates his friend John Key on his 2014 election victory

I’ve written extensively on John Key lying in 1991 to New Zealand’s Serious Fraud Office investigation into failed high-flying corporate Equiticorp. This inquiry was run in con-junction with Australia’s National Crime Authority who were investigating finance giant Elders IXL, a money lender that had extensive dealings with the New Zealand company.

Was it Ashcroft’s deep pockets combined with Crosby-Textor’s secretive spin that allowed these men to so confidentially mislead and beguile their way past voters’ hearts and into office? If so, how is that democracy?

Lord Ashcroft's bff's - Crosby-Textors cardboard cut-out prime ministerial liars

Lord Ashcroft’s bff’s – Crosby-Textors cardboard cut-out prime ministerial liars

Lord Ashcroft's porky telling Prime Ministers

Lord Ashcroft’s porky telling Prime Ministers

As a nation drowned in the PM’s lies, sons & daughters were sent to die

As a nation drowned in it’s PM’s lies

Sons & daughters were sent to die

Meanwhile at home democracy cried

But his government crowed

Everything’s fine.

Other peoples’ children signed up for his war

While at home in comfort he called for more

For bodies were needed to feed it all

Media cried out loud

War! War! War!

When history writes upon his tomb

Will it reflect the pain of those who knew

His government’s ways were all too true

Of right rich Tories

Through and through.

See it’s easy to trade bodies for war

Free trade and a handshake and little more

So beware this terrorist at the door

For the Tory bastard

Should be feared by all.

Tory Bastard

  Hansard, 7 August 2007, 2. Iraq – Combat Forces

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Trader John returns to the Mothership

Trader John returns

Trader John returns to the Mothership