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Moments of Political Truthiness in New Zealand’s mainstream media

This graphic from Paul Le Comte is representative of how the main media news sites often spin poll results to their audiences. 

In Paul’s graphic you will see the following:

A headline: Moment of Truth gifts Team Key a late bounce in polls

A sub – Heading: “Last voter survey before election day shows jump in National’s rating.”

& a paragraph: “Today’s poll has National on 48.2 per cent, down a little from last week when the seven-day polling is totaled.

It would be able to form a Government with its current support partners, Act, United Future and the Maori Party, assuming they are returned to Parliament.”

With the following poll results: National -0.4, Labour +1.3. 

Disingenuous Media - NZ Herald

New Zealand Herald – 19 September 2014


In July I’d noticed a similar thing when a drop in National’s rating and a rise in Labour’s was framed as “consolidating National’s grip on the electorate.”

The article’s headline: Labour’s poll woe deepens

National holds on to huge lead - Stuff

“Labour’s poll woe deepens” 17 July 2014

I hope after tomorrow’s General Election we turn our gaze on the mainstream media and ask them what the f?